News | 21/03/2018

The PPC Thesaurus: stop repeating yourself

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

With spring/summer 2018 stock coming in and Easter sales on the horizon, now is a great time to start sprucing up your ad copy to take your conversion and click-through rates to the next level.

We’ve found that the more emotive and descriptive your ad copy is, the better it performs, but sometimes it’s tricky to be imaginative when you’re restricted by characters. If that sounds familiar, then make this blog your new best friend because we’ve listed our favourite replacements for the most overused words and phrases in ad copy!


  • Discount
  • Reduction
  • Mark down


  • Browse
  • Check out
  • See
  • View

Get in touch

  • Enquire
  • Contact us
  • Call/Ask us
  • Find out more


  • Current
  • Modern
  • Latest
  • Fresh
  • First


  • Chic
  • Trendy
  • Exclusive


  • Stunning
  • Elegant
  • Gorgeous


  • Luxury
  • Choice
  • Best
  • Top
  • Leading
  • Outstanding

Other little nifty tricks when you’re stuck for words is using dynamic keyword insertion in your headlines. This allows the search query that your customer put into Google to appear in your headline, and that way the ad is more relevant! Be careful not to use this on competitor campaigns, though, as this could infringe on AdWords Policies.

Also, feel free to A/B test which words work best for your audience to continue to generate better results!

If you’re looking for other hints and tips to improve your PPC results, then we’ve got another great blog to get you in the mindset. Or get our PPC team to do the hard work for you – get in touch to find out how we can help.