Paid media | 20/07/2018

The pros of AdWords’ new interface

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

The new AdWords interface has finally launched! Here at Cobb Digital, we have spent some time playing around with the new interface, discovering the new tools and exclusive features it has to offer. The update is “designed to help you achieve your business goals, save time, and get more done.” After analysing the new changes to AdWords, we have collated some distinct pros. Our findings are gathered here in one place to give you the low down on some of the improvements that are now available.

Auction insights

The auction insights reports have had a major revamp, allowing you to gain actionable insights with new graphs and powerful reporting tools. For example, when viewing your position and ranking against competitors (based on impression share and the top of page rate), a graph now displays the results visually. This allows advertisers to discover noticeable changes. The screenshot below demonstrates that one of our clients (in the colour blue), withholds the second highest impression share amongst the competition.

Device performance

The new interface provides an excellent visual snapshot of device performance. This is a significant improvement to the old interface features, where no visual representation of the data was shown. The device performance (shown below) now visually breaks down the total cost, clicks and conversions across mobiles, tablets and desktop. This makes it easier for advertisers to analyse the data and optimise bid adjustments accordingly.

Ad schedule

The new interface provides a much better insight (in the form of a heat-map) into where you should increase or decrease your media spend using bid adjustments, dependant on the most popular time and day your ads perform. This makes it easier to manage your campaigns ad scheduling and see what different days of the week and hours of the day generated the most conversions from your website.

Better demographic targeting options

Building on the previous interface’s search campaign ability to target users by age and gender, advertisers are now able to drill down into specifics such as parent status and household income! These additions create more flexibility in who and how advertisers reach different, more specific audiences online. This means that those advertising children’s products can bid higher for consumers that are parents, and for high AOV furniture companies, advertisers can bid higher based on consumer household income.

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