News | 28/05/2015

The Seven Wonders of Woobox

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

My team has had to listen endlessly to my tirade of loving praise for our newest pieces of digital software – Woobox. I’m completely hooked and maybe by the end of this blog you will be too. As a social media manager it has made my life so much easier and has allowed me to produce creative and exciting competitions.

How does it work?

Woobox is a marketing app that can be added to any of your social media channels. Whether you want to devise a Photo contest, construct a quiz or add a deal to your marketing campaign, this can be efficiently created in the easy-to-use management system. The best bit is, it generates a unique URL for that you can use anywhere! Depending on what you’d like your promotion to be, I can guarantee there will be a way to integrate it with Woobox’s innovative technology.

The HTML FanGate

This is a great option if you have a very niche offering, the drag and drop editor allows you to add custom elements, layout ordering and add your own HTML, CSS & Javascript codes.

Check out this creative way Nickelodeon have used this feature to give out VIP passes for one of their events:

The Photo Contest

This is one of my personal favourites. I recently used it to create a competition for a newly established local family entertainment centre. It sat within a Facebook Tab, was actively promoted for one month via Facebook & Twitter and was embedded onto the homepage of their site. You could even enter by just uploading a photo and adding the campaign Hashtag using Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. These were the results

  • 9.7K Visits to the page
  • 73 Unique entries
  • 59 Additional page likes
  • 307 Votes

I’m sure you’ll agree that these are pretty great stats generated from a competition that didn’t break the bank to create.

Market Research

Another of the features we particularly favour is the polls app. If you want to find out what’s working and what’s not in your current company offering, consider this option. Create a highly targeted survey and ask those all-important questions that will give you the insider knowledge on your consumer. I would suggest adding a small incentive for your followers to take part, then sit back and watch the submissions roll in.
Latest Features

The app boasts of now being used by over 3 million brands and they are constantly adding new features to the software. The Hashtag entry is part of their latest offering in addition to Woobox Quizzes – I for one am very excited to try this new feature out.
How much does it cost?

Depending on whether you’re an agency or your marketing is run in-house, they have various pricing plans to suit all – including a very attractive one-month free trial. I hope you can see why Woobox is definitely worth a try. For busy marketers it really can boost your productivity time and generate those all-important extra leads for your brand.

Now, just to convince your Finance Manager . . .