Paid media | 29/06/2016

Top Twitter Accounts all Social Media Marketers Must Follow

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

Twitter is full of creative, insightful, brilliant and interesting accounts, so it’s little wonder that individuals and businesses find themselves hooked. If your role involves wading through a flood of tweets created by the platform’s 100 million daily users, you may need a helping hand to reach the good stuff. Well, that hand is here. Take a look at our top accounts across a variety of sectors to seek inspiration for your next post.


Why brag about how great your products are all day long when you can create a Walrus-themed campaign to celebrate the football? – and gain a heap of user generated content in the process. We quite like this brand, which you’ve probably guessed by now. Hat’s off to this brand for its creativity and character, because when 250,000 followers know your name, you can afford to go off-piste.


If content marketing is your bag – and it should be – your first port of call for the latest news, trends and insights – is to click over to the Content Marketing Institute feed. CMI has become one of the most important resources in the sector – reaffirmed by its recent acquisition by UBM for a cool $17.6 million.


Medieval Reactions: for when you need to bridge the gap between popular culture and medieval paintings – predominantly oil. Granted, this page may not be all that useful, but it can throw your mind into new, undiscovered realms – great for coming up with social ideas.


Marketing Week Mag is a go-to site if you want to get up to date with the latest and greatest marketing and advertising campaigns that involve big business leaders, major events and other sectors that you may not be too familiar with.


Who doesn’t love a good list? Buzzfeed has made a big name for itself off the back of creating weird and wonderful evergreen content that we can relate to – around 30% of which reminisce about how wonderful everything was in 90s which we definitely agree with.


Business is taken seriously, as you’d expect, on the British Insider UK Twitter feed, alongside topical news, a few random inserts and plenty of marketing content, like the one below.


We recommend Katy Perry’s page for the sheer number of followers that she has racked up over the years – she must be doing something right. With 89.9 million followers, her page is the most populated in the whole Twittersphere, followed by Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. The fourth is Barack Obama.


“Tesco?” I hear you cry! For a corporate, UK retail conglomerate, Tesco pulls some delightfully surprising punches on Twitter, with some feisty exchanges between its team and their customers. Plus, if you’re part of a food and drink or retail campaign, the feed is chock full of cuisine ideas and ways to present your clients’ products.


Brilliant Ads is committed to uploading the most powerful, creative, and downright random ads, slogans and signs on a daily basis. Forget useful links or background information to guide your user experience as this page is all about in-your-face graphics and vague descriptions that incite intrigue with every post. Again, its a great place to visit for ideas and a few design tips from around the world.

We’re part of the action too! Follow Cobb’s Twitter page for the latest marketing and business news, insights, trends. Happy hunting.