News | 10/12/2017

We’re ALL Google Analytics certified!

Posted by Christian Ryan

As of last month (September 2017), we’re pleased to say that every single member of the Cobb Digital team is now Google Analytics certified! This includes everyone from MD to account management, sales, and each individual within our delivery teams. We’re proud of this and feel it highlights our dedication to ensuring the very best for our clients. Moving forward, it will be a necessity that team members coming on board are also Analytics certified.
Whilst some members of the team were already certified, and others had the knowledge but didn’t have the actual certification to go with it, we wanted to make sure everyone had that official stamp!
Understanding the data from client websites is an integral part of the daily practices of Cobb Digital. Whether it’s looking at overall historical traffic or drilling down into the specifics of an individual traffic source campaign, understanding trends and deciphering the data makes all the difference to clients’ goals.
There are four main components of Google Analytics which enable us to get a full view of website data. Below is a super simple definition of the type of information available from each of these:
Audience: This defines the profile of the users that are coming to the site, and the devices and browsers used to arrive at and browse a site.
Acquisition: The traffic sources that people use to arrive at a website. Paid search, social, organic, email, referral, and direct traffic are all tracked and their effectiveness is recorded. You can imagine, this is an area that gets a lot of attention from Cobb Digital!
Behaviour: This is focused on how users are interacting with the site and how engaged they are with the landing pages and site content.
Conversions: For clients, this is often the priority; what are they actually getting from their traffic? This section is ever-growing but tells us whether people are purchasing or converting and how they are doing so.
This is an incredibly simplified account of the main areas of Google Analytics and what they can provide a marketer or website owner – there’s so much more to each of the sections mentioned! Luckily, we now have 15 members of the team who know every inch of the Google Analytics platform back to front and know how this relates to all our clients.