News | 11/05/2014

We’re going Vine crazy, But is it right for you?

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

Vine was bought by those clever people over at Twitter in 2012 & re-launched in early 2013, it captured an astounding 100,000 video’s in its third weekend. Twitter seem to have found the Holy Grail of shareable video, the iconic app has worked wonders for many marketing campaigns. With over 40 million users worldwide and an average of five tweets per second containing a Vine Link, is there any reason why you wouldn’t explore this new found social media extravaganza?

Now before jumping in head first, you need to work out how it could be part of your marketing strategy and if it fits into your long term social media goals. We want to help you understand how this interactive channel can work for you, and how to utilise it. These six second long looping videos can be packed with core brand values and say so much with the teaser style function. Popular with B2C companies because of the audience, B2B industries have to be a little more creative when it comes to the content.

One of the great reasons Vine is so popular is that you can send your video’s to anyone, even if they aren’t on vine. Imagine sending a client a mini video with a short, spunky tagline showcasing your new product .The viability of this is priceless for the creative industries. As with your other marketing strategies, stick to your tone of voice, and implement the same tactics with this app as you would with any other marketing technique.

In order to do content marketing well you need to understand the demographic of each marketing channel, and ultimately understand who you want to reach.

Here are our Top 5 most successful branded Vine’s to take inspiration from:

1. Be Humorous

We call this one Casting the Cookie. #DunkPerfect #nailedit by Oreo Cookie

2. Be Creative

Daniel Lynds is helping me look for an #unPOPtheBox here on #PEI Anymore left Unpopular Now? For Target

3. Use #Hashtag’s

#tubestrike by the Lynx Effect

4. Showcase New Products

Packable parka = #festbest essential. #urbanoutfitters #unravel

5. Stay True to your Brand Ethos

Car. Truck. SUV. It doesn’t matter what #ford you’re sitting in, tag us and show us how you #gofurther . (by Ian Padgham ) by Ford Motor Company
Still not convinced? Check out the infographic from Tamba shared below. It might just change your mind.