News | 1/03/2013

What are the benefits of superfast broadband?

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

The government announced a while ago that by 2015 90% of the UK would have superfast broadband, with the intention that the UK should become the European leader for broadband throughout the whole of the EU. On top of this 4G, is starting to be rolled out nationwide with city after city getting it over the coming months.

Now, unless you live in a rural community, you should have access to superfast broadband in one form or another sometime next year, whether that is through BT fibre optic or through your phone. One such campaign that is working hard to ensure as many people have superfast broadband as possible is Go e-Sussex. The question is, do you need it and what are, if any, the benefits to having a far quicker connection.

For those who use broadband for personal use, it really depends on what you use it for. If the only reason you use the net is to check social networking sites and send the odd e-mail, then I shouldn’t worry too much as it really won’t affect you.

If however, you have multiple users in the home, people who live stream or gamers, you could find the quality of your internet will be far superior than it is at present. The more users you have in the home, the slower your internet gets. On top of this, at busy periods of the day you can find the net slowing down to a snail’s pace, which can be very frustrating. With superfast broadband, you will see far less of an impact with the difference in the speed being somewhat faster.

Live streaming is another aspect to using the internet that will see a large improvement. When using the internet, it can come to a halt as soon as someone else in the home starts live streaming television or using catch-up TV to watch Corrie or Eastenders. Once your home has superfast broadband, you should be able to have users live streaming from more than one device without the same buffering most have experienced at one time or another.

Gaming will see an impact as well. If you play online games such as Call of Duty or World of Warcraft, the experience should be far better allowing you to play your games unhindered.

It’s not just the home that will see improvements. Those who use the internet for work may find improvements in productivity in the workplace. If you send large files regularly, you will be able to do it far quicker than before from your laptop or any other device.

If you have a 4G enabled device, such a phone or iPad, you will be able to send large files whilst on the move, thus giving you freedom to send files from your car or home, rather than being restricted to work, if that is the only environment which has a quick connection. Those who live in the country will be able to take work home, allowing for more time at home, rather than having to stay on at work for longer periods.

Essentially superfast broadband, whether through a mobile device or through a laptop or desktop should improve most aspects of using the internet for those who use it regularly at work or at home and will be for most, a welcome addition to your surfing experience, especially with the advent of smart TVs and suchlike.

Author Bio: Kerry Butters writes for the broadband advice site Broadband Genie, where you can find more information on superfast broadband packages such as BT fibre optic.