News | 30/05/2017

Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Character Represents Your Digital Role?

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

Friends is one of those TV shows that will never grow old. Whether you want to have a lazy day watching something easy or you actually want to know if Ross and Rachel ever stayed together, it’s a classic. A combination of catching the theme tune on my Spotify playlist and having a personality discussion at work got me thinking – which Friends character would each team be?

There are six friends and six divisions at Cobb so which online channel are we most like and why?

PPC – Joey


Joey is unmistakably PPC. He’s the smooth mover of the group and, much like our ad copy, we’ve got to be sweet talking to get a conversion. Joey’s method in wooing the ladies is purely strategic, just like the targeting methods we adopt every day and with his acting career he also has to display a vast offering to a variety of audiences in the same way that PPC can be used in retail, public and private sectors.

Across his many seasons Joey also likes to kiss a few of the main cast members and you’ll find that PPC is very easily integrated with other sectors at Cobb to form a strong overall marketing strategy.

SEO – Chandler

Chandler joke image

It’s a long running joke that no one really knows what Chandler does and the same could be said about SEO. SEO is constantly evolving and how you optimise your site can change from one day to the next. Unfortunately he’s also been through many heartbreaks, Janice, one of his most popular partners, bears an uncanny resemblance to Google – as soon as your hear that laugh it’s all hands on deck.

Could there BE any more algorithm updates?

Account Management – Monica

Monica time keeping image

Monica is the people pleaser, the most organised member of the whole group. Monica knows what’s  happening and when, and if someone isn’t happy she’ll pull out all the stops to get back into the good books. She is the powerhouse of the whole system; owning the apartment, paying the bills and deciding who comes in and out.

Email – Ross

Ross rock polisher image

Email is the oldest of all the marketing strategies at Cobb and Ross loves palaeontology. As a character, Ross always finds a way to keep the classics refreshed and fun. Equally, he knows his target audience (Rachel) and has a psychic ability to be at the right place at the right time much like a basket abandonment email…


Content/Social – Phoebe

Phoebe name joke image

No one except a content marketer could come up with such creative works as Smelly Cat and a wealth of alter-egos, including the infamous Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock and Regina Phalange. Her slightly off-the-wall ideas correspond perfectly to the wealth of possibilities tied up in the creative content marketing processes, although we might have a slightly better filter on the sensible ones.

PR – Rachel

Rachel coffee image

If PR could be anyone in the world it would be Rachel Green. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She cares about trends and her appearance in the minds of others, which means she’s constantly aware of her surroundings. Much like a great PR manager, she’s got her finger on the pulse ensuring that if something’s happening – she’s talking about it. She’s also not afraid to be bold – we reckon she’d dream up some of the best PR stunts.

Our Managing Director – Gunther

Gunther and James image

Want to find out how you can get the whole Friends crew on your side? Pop in for a coffee or get in touch for a chat about how we can make digital marketing work for you.