News | 10/10/2014

White Paper: Is SEO Dead? 5 ways to rank higher in 2015

Posted by Christian Ryan

I’m sure you will have seen this question either in a Tweet, a blog headline or banded about at a conference recently.

The simple answer is, NO… Adapted, yes, different, yes. But SEO is still a massively important aspect of any successful company’s digital strategy.
SEO practices have changed massively over the last few years. Since Google Panda and Penguin were first released in 2011 and 2012 respectively, the whole industry (some more than others) has had to amend their tactics for attaining high results in Google. The black hat SEO’s have more or less been paralysed as old link farm tactics have been (on the whole) penalised and other techniques such as duplicate con- tent and over spammy keyword placement have also been penalised.

So what’s going to work in 2015? We’ve listed the top 5 tactics that will ensure your website is flying high in Google Search.

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