Branding & design | 23/03/2019

Why Design And Growth Go Hand In Hand

Posted by Lisa Seymour

Brand design is a wonderful thing and if done well, it can positively impact a business’ profit, turnover and growth as well as give you a leading edge over your competitors. We have seen this first-hand, having worked on a number of projects to deliver considerably improved brand design identities to a number of clients. All these clients experienced growth as a result – commercial, awareness or both.

We have been banging the ‘design equals growth’ drum for a while now and we’re not alone – 77% of B2B marketing leaders say succinct branding for your business is critical to growth ( – and that number is only going to increase.


No business, large or small, can afford to ignore their branding.


It is imperative to success and those brands who have it nailed are the ones who are flying. A key element here is honesty and knowing your offer and your audience. Take a look at the supermarket chains; on one side you, have budget-focussed Aldi whose brand values are consistency, transparency and responsibility and who provide a lower-price, less-frills option.

On the other hand, you have Ocado who promote happiness, luxury, ease and quality. Both brands, even though at either end of the spectrum, value design equally and see the value in it; it’s just a different proposition and both are reaping the rewards of investing and clearly understanding their brand and communicating it clearly to their target audiences.

High street powerhouse H&M offer fast fashion at a low price and have a clear brand identity, look and feel because they have a clear idea of their target market and design all their branding accordingly.

But H&M have showcased they fully understand the power of brand and really know their audience by a series of partnerships with luxury – and often unobtainable – designers (Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor & Rolf, Jimmy Choo, Kenzo to name a few). This clever fusing of luxury and high street branding has been a huge success and cemented H&M as a leader in their field as they have recognised that no matter what price points you offer, both theirs and their luxury partners’ brand worth and values are achingly similar.


It’s commonly known that it takes around six brand impressions before someone will remember your brand, so as a design agency, our job is to make your brand as authentic to your business as possible and for it to be as remember-able as possible. We do this by working closely with our clients to fully understand their business, their offer, their goals, vision and desire and make sure we bring their brands to life through unique design and insight.

We pride ourselves on bringing an expert, award-winning eye to your brand with your commercial goals and brand vision at the forefront.

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