Website optimisation | 17/10/2020

Your Website Has Never Been More Important

Posted by Lisa Seymour

With most people living their lives through screens rather than in person at the moment, the digital output for your brand has never been more important, but are you giving your online shop window the time it deserves?

People are nervous and fearful at the moment with the ongoing pandemic and the goal posts changing so frequently so as brands, it is all our responsibilities to ensure we are as crystal clear as can be on our digital platforms.

We are seeing a great success from businesses who are offering up to date, almost daily, information about their set up, their safety measures and how they are looking after their customers. When you have a physical space that can still open, it is imperative to take your customers on this journey with you and show them how you have listened, applied and adapted to the recent government guidelines and give them a sense of reassurance that you know what you’re doing and are on top of the situation. This can be done by using Instagram Stories, Facebook Lives or just record a quick message on your phone and house it on your social and website. People aren’t expecting slick, they just want to hear and see you.

For example, you have two hairdressers and one has put a video on their site and social media walking through their salon and pointing out the PPE measures, the screens, the protective visors staff are wearing and the socially distanced seats etc. Compare this with a salon that hasn’t updated anything, most people will go with the one that makes them feel safer.

Sadly, there are a lot of physical businesses that can’t open at the moment and that unfortunately looks like it’s increasing, so their main shop window is their website and social media. Spending some time updating your website and social channels to talk about what is happening in your business, how you are reacting to the new measures in place and what adaptions you have made is vital. As things are changing so quickly at the moment, your clients are a captive audience and want to know what is happening and how they can still work with you. Authenticity and communication are two of the biggest things currently and making sure you are open, honest and real mean a lot.

People are struggling, but so many people want to support and help you get through this, especially as small business owners, so do be mindful about your messaging on all your platforms. Try and take your clients on your journey with you and share the wins along the way and if you need help putting

need help putting your messaging together, please get in touch.