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Avantis Wealth are specialist investment brokers trusted by their clients to invest their money in private investments to deliver high returns.  They are a close-knit team of experienced finance professionals who pride themselves on honesty and transparency in their investment advice and processes.  When they came to us, they felt their branding didn’t properly reflect their business as it is today so wanted a more up to date look which better represented them.


Avantis Wealth

Project process

Sprint One

Brand Discovery

Finance companies often have a difficult balancing act to accomplish with their branding as it’s important for them to appear trustworthy, professional and respectable but also to stand out from other similar businesses.  Avantis Wealth wanted a brand that incorporated their AW monogram, reflected their professionalism and experience but also their individuality.

Sprint Two

Brand Concept Creation

Once we knew what Avantis Wealth wanted to achieve with their brand, we created a brand concept to reflect their professionalism and dedication to transparency using a simple unfussy logo with a contemporary colour palette and a clean overall look.

Sprint Three

Brand Refinement

With the overall look of the brand approved, we went on to set out the finer details in our brand guidelines such as fonts, colour shades, logo lockups and imagery to help them maintain that clear, modern but distinctive look in all their branded material.

Sprint Four

Brand Execution

Using the brand guidelines, we created branded assets that Avantis Wealth could use across all their marketing both online and offline to maintain consistency and project the image they want to project in everything they’re putting out there.

Our Solution

Cool Contemporary Colours and a Bespoke Font

The branding for Avantis Wealth needed to be modern, sophisticated and clear.  We used a simple, modern, cool colour palette to reflect the company’s calm competence in what they do and to portray the message that they are a modern company offering clear, transparent investment advice.  To make the logo distinctive, we created a bespoke stencil inspired font to write the business name but also to create the intertwined monogram so the logo is simple yet recognisable.

By creating an extensive style guide for Avantis Wealth, they can keep their branding consistent across their website, social media channels and printed media.  Having clear consistent branding that reflects the business’s dedication to clarity, professionalism and trustworthiness is vital in creating the right impression and appealing to the types of clients they are looking to attract.  That’s why we created a brand that was unfussy and unpretentious yet distinctive and stylish.


  • Brand Workshop
  • Research & Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Stationery Suite
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Corporate Office Signage
  • Responsive Website Design



Brand Guidelines

Because brand consistency is so important in projecting a professional image, we created a comprehensive brand style guide for Avantis Wealth so all the fonts, colours and images they use will fit in with the branding and maintain that professional consistency.  We provide a colour palette so they can match the exact colour shades across all their branding both online and offline as well as guidelines about the kind of imagery they should use to match the brand.  For all marketing material, we provide a guide for fonts and spacing so everything is clean, clear and consistent.

Logo Lockups

To maintain consistency but have a logo they can use across different mediums, we created a series of logo lockups using the bespoke stencil inspired font we made specially for Avantis Wealth.  While they are the same style and font, they are different shapes, colours and configurations to suit different mediums.  Our brand guidelines give suggestions at where each of the logo lockups should be used.

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