16% increase in overall website enquiries

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Horder Healthcare


We worked with Horder Healthcare to maximise organic visibility, traffic and enquiries through the website using a collaborative, content-led approach.

We were tasked with driving an increase in organic traffic to the new Horder Healthcare website.

A further challenge was that Google algorithm updates had also caused organic visibility for key terms to dip (prior to our working together), and consequently drove down organic traffic volumes versus the year before.

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    Horder Healthcare

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Content driven SEO

Leading with data

We used search term analysis to inform a content plan that would be carried out by Fox&Bear and Horder Healthcare together. Suggested titles for the next six months were reviewed and approved by our client, to ensure not only would they drive as much traffic as possible, but made sense from a business point of view in terms of the key services and treatment areas to focus on. We also identified which specific pages and keywords had lost most organic visibility, so we could work on improving these and factor this into our plan.

Content writing and optimisation

It made sense that writing for very specific areas would be done by those closest to the subject, the medical consultants, which would also mean our resource could be used in other areas. Fox&Bear provided guidelines, then reviewed and optimised the pieces for search, as well as refreshing any existing, well-performing blogs, and improving poorer-performing ones.

We made sure to capitalise on upcoming awareness days where there was likely to be wider media coverage surrounding a topic, and an opportunity to be visible in search. For example, pieces such as ‘foods for healthy bones’ or ‘catching arthritis early’ tied in with the upcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis week, as well as linking directly to Horder Healthcare services.

We know that FAQ-type content also does well to bring visitors to healthcare websites, so this was also prominent in the content plan, as well as useful and informative content for local audiences such as healthy things to do with the family in the area.

Collaborative working

Our Content and Website Optimisation teams worked closely together to ensure the content that would drive most value was prioritised and that it was optimised for organic visibility.  The content plan was regularly refreshed and updated according to how content was actually performing on the site. We also made improvements for example to the Google My Business listing, as these are a good source of high quality traffic, as well as some technical SEO behind the scenes to ensure everything was set up correctly for maximum visibility in search, across both Google and Bing.


  • 9% increase in total website sessions, 10% from organic traffic
  • 16% increase in website conversions, 11% from organic traffic
  • Website conversion rate up 7%, 1% from organic traffic
  • Impressions and clicks for priority keywords doubled