ISUOG Virtual World Congress

Using a digital advertising strategy to promote the congress, leading to 44% increase in registrations

The challenge

The International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology (ISUOG) has been holding its World Congress event since 1991. Previously, physical congress events were held in leading cities around the world; 2020 brought an unforeseen challenge with new Covid-19 restrictions in place, requiring a need for ISUOG to move its congress online. Having never hosted the congress online before or used a full digital advertising strategy to promote it, the challenge in achieving registration targets presented itself.

Fox&Bear was appointed to support ISUOG in promoting the event and targeting new global audiences to attend its first year online. A last-minute paid media strategy was required in order to reach registration target.



ISUOG Virtual World Congress



Project process

Step one

Strategic setup

A multi-platform paid media campaign across Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to maximise visibility

Step two

Targeting the audience

Each platform drilled down into specific targeting to ensure optimal relevancy of audiences e.g. relevant terms for search, job titles on LinkedIn and user interests on Facebook

Step three

Campaign optimisation

Agile optimisation of campaigns to ensure media spend was allocated where best returns were coming from e.g. platforms, networks, ad variations

Step four

Incorporating offline data

Incorporating weekly offline registration data into optimisations to further ensure efficiency of spend

Step five

Adapting messaging

Adapting messaging and calls to action in accordance with the event timeline, concluding with creating a sense of urgency in the last two weeks

Step six

Expanding the reach

Applying translated ad copy for certain markets to improve conversions worldwide

Two-stage funnel approach

The outcome

We developed a paid media strategy that applied a two-stage marketing funnel approach, targeting key audiences within the industry and key markets around the globe; first, utilising brand awareness messaging to place the congress in front of audiences and then convert them in the acquisition phase. Working closely with the creative agency, we devised ad copy that complemented new asset designs and resonated with key audiences.

By implementing the above strategy and providing continued support, the target of 2500 registrations increased by 44%, leading to a highly successful event.

Working closely with the ISUOG team, Fox&Bear provided invaluable data throughout the campaign and imparted upskilling knowledge along the way, providing a platform for improving ISUOG’s marketing approach in the future.


Google Search campaign creation

Facebook advertising strategy

LinkedIn targeting

Two-stage marketing funnel approach

2500 event registrations

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