Generated leads at conversion rates of 5.26% and 3.12%

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WeThrive provide employee engagement solutions for businesses.

The aim was to use digital to increase awareness of the brand to HR professionals and generate leads, which could then be followed up and converted into customers.

In order to fulfil the objectives we used two paid channels in combination with each other. We know that LinkedIn can be effective for reaching a specific B2B audience, so first we set up and ran a brand awareness campaign targeting HR decision-makers, getting the brand name in front of them and piquing their interest enough to drive them to the website to find out more. LinkedIn has a relatively high cost-per-click compared to other channels, however we could be highly targeted, which was important for this fairly niche product. The targeting was also geographically focussed around key business areas and specified length of experience within HR, to include HR Managers, Directors and Regional Managers.

AdRoll’s real-time bidding

The second part of the strategy was to use AdRoll’s real-time bidding and AI capabilities to run a retargeting campaign. People who had already visited the WeThrive website were served a display ad as they browsed elsewhere, inviting them to sign up for a free webinar. We were also able to specifically retarget those who had been to the sign up page but not signed up, increasing the chances of them converting into leads.

It was interesting to see that those who had come to the site after seeing a LinkedIn ad engaged with the website more when they got there and were more likely to sign up when retargeted, showing the effectiveness of using the two channels together.

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    LinkedIn was primarily aimed at generating brand awareness but also generated webinar sign ups at a 5.26% conversion rate, further justifying the spend.

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    AdRoll generated a greater number of sign ups, at a conversion rate of 3.12%.

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    As a benchmark, Hubspot expects a rate of 1.5 – 3% to convert a website visitor into a contact for B2B paid media campaigns.