Creating a luxury brand for medical aesthetics leaders

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River Aesthetics


Dr Woodward and Dr Manning were looking to take their aesthetics clinic to the next stage.

Having pioneered their own non-surgical facelift ‘The RiverLift’ and positioned themselves as the go-to experts in women’s health, they were looking for a new brand identity that reflected their expertise and their clients.

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    River Aesthetics

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Phenomenal success

Charlotte and Victoria have seen phenomenal success over the past 5 years, positioning themselves as the go-to experts in the aesthetics industry. They have pioneered their own treatment a non–surgical facelift named the River Lift, and work with world renowned pharmaceuticals to assist in the development of new techniques. They also developed their very own academy for training other doctors.

Meeting Dr Charlotte Woodward and Dr Victoria Manning was an exciting opportunity for us. They were keen to be led by our experience and were looking to bring ‘big brand’ thinking to their five-year-old clinic based in the Southwest and London.


  • Brand Workshop
  • Research & Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Stationery Suite
  • Clinic Signage
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Ongoing Marketing Material

Textures and patterns

To combine the ideas of natural beauty with cutting edge medical techniques and expertise, we had to use patterns and textures to reflect these ideas at the same time. This is why we chose a logo incorporating a ‘Golden Ratio’ triangle and Fibonacci swirl to reflect mathematical precision but this ratio, particularly the swirl, exists a great deal in nature too. We used a metallic colour to represent the medical profession but in a muted natural colour to incorporate the natural beauty theme. Similarly, we used lots of natural textures and soft lines to reflect the subtle natural work River Aesthetics do.

A suite of
responsive components

The images, logos, themes and colours we used to create River Aesthetics’ brand aren’t just for use on the website. We created assets that perfectly reflect the brand and can be used in print media, social media, emails, displays and anywhere else. Having this material ready to use or custom created by us for a specific purpose means the branding is consistent across every medium.

Print Design

River Aesthetics’ metallic coloured logo looks particularly good in print especially next to the soft natural tones used in the rest of the branding. All of the printed material we designed was totally consistent with the online branding as we were aware from the start that they would need lots of brochures, etc. so their branding had to work well both online and in print.