65% increase in CVR from testing call to actions

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The Telemarketing Company


The Telemarketing Company is the UK’s leading specialist outbound B2B telemarketing agency. Fox&Bear have worked with TTMC for many years on PPC and SEO campaigns, with strong results for both channels.

To help bring results to the next level, we focused on improving the website experience. Conversion rate had stayed relatively static, and it appeared we had reached a ‘cap’ of conversions. We began with heatmapping to learn more about how users engaged with the website.

To combat the decreasing conversion rate, we turned to CRO (conversion rate optimisation).

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    The Telemarketing Company

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Project details

Heatmap analysis

Heatmap analysis

  • One

    Heatmap analysis

    A heatmap analysis revealed potential pain-points on the website, as well as identifying the areas that drew in users’ attention. These insights meant we were able to identify areas for AB testing.

  • Two

    AB testing

    From here, we rolled out a programme of AB testing. At first, we focused on the potential pitfalls we found during heatmapping, such as the design and copy of specific pages.

  • Three

    Success and failure

    One of these design tests showed that changing the page layout did not have a significant impact on conversion rate and aided the client in making a decision to avoid unnecessary development costs.

  • Four

    Micro-copy testing

    Then, we moved into testing micro-copy, such as call to actions and messaging. This AB testing aimed to find what taglines and imagery resonated with our audience.

The outcome

Comparing against last year, conversion rate has increased by 25% overall.

Individual tests have shown varying degrees of success, with a homepage messaging variation leading to a 28% increase in conversion rate.

A page copy variation led to a 42% increase in conversion rate. This particular test revealed how certain website visitors engaged with different tones and content length, and the insights of this test were rolled out into future content writing.

We had the greatest success in testing call to actions, with an AB test variation showing a 65% increase in conversion rate.


  • Heatmap analysis
  • CRO workshop
  • Regular AB testing
  • AB test analysis
  • Final recommendations
  • Implementation support