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Graphic design

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Brand collateral is often the first thing an audience will see in relation to your business, and in an increasingly competitive world, establishing a strong connection between brand and customer is vital when there’s so much information from other brands to take in.

At Fox&Bear, we understand the importance of clever marketing materials that embody your brand story and work hard to catch the eye of the right people in a saturated landscape. We design bespoke graphics to represent your organisation in all forms, whether that’s print media, such as promotional leaflets or brochures, digital and social media assets or business proposals and training guides.

We can work with you for one-off projects, or on a monthly retainer so that you can access our creative expertise as and when you need it. Our team are experts in designing materials that clearly convey your brand identity and messaging to reinforce credibility and trust.

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We design for the biggest impact

We combine our passion for all things design and digital with the psychology of social proof to create striking promotional materials that speak to your audience. Our expertise covers a variety of sectors, including retail and ecommerce, healthcare and wellbeing, leisure, tourism and property.

As branding and design experts, we will advise on the optimal placement of text, images and use of space to make the biggest impact on your target audience.

Your design requirements will vary around your business activity and seasonality, so we’ll always be flexible in our approach to working with you, whether scaling output up in busier periods, planning regular sprints collaboratively to tie in with your upcoming activity or bringing your brand to life for a one-off project.

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  • Print design
  • Brochure design
  • Presentations, pitches and proposals
  • Stationery
  • Icon design
  • Digital assets

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