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Social media

Reaching your audience where they want to be found

In our mobile-first world, your audience is spending more time in apps and on social media platforms than ever before. Many of your potential customers will have discovered their favourite brands and have often made a purchase without actually visiting your website.

This means you need to feel confident that your social media strategy intelligently reflects your brand’s story and that your posts inspire curiosity and eagerness in your audience to learn more. The fox in us will help you get there.

Our creative engagement team can work with you to develop meaningful relationships, growing your online presence with effective social media accounts that also increase your website’s authority, and compliment your paid advertising, so you’ve got all bases covered.

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Protecting your brand with online reputation management

Your customers use social media channels to talk to people they care about and to learn about things and brands they’re interested in.

We work hard to understand your target audience, the platforms they use and the content they need so that we can reach them through the kind of engagement that fosters brand loyalty and will keep them coming back.

Our data insight tools enable us to track all mentions of your brand, and key competitors, to identify any opportunities or potential problems as soon as they arise. We can also identify and build relationships with key online publications and influencers that will help grow your brand.

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  • Social media management
  • Online reputation management
  • Content calendars
  • Branding and asset creation
  • Social media advertising

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